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Mountains of clouds

These picture were taken in 2012 in Apo Island, Visayas (Philippines). I was on Apo and in the late afternoon I looked across the strait that separates the island from Negros and saw these huge clouds formations building up along the slopes of Mount Talinis.

Dumaguete: coming home?

Kookoo's Sunset

Coming home? Maybe. It is school break in Jakarta and we decided to come back to Dumaguete for a week. This is a coming home for my daughters who have this city inside them. They arrived here when they were five and three and left with us four and half years later to move to Jakarta.

All is familiar here. The small size of the city. The sea touching the Boulevard downtown. The Hayahay restaurant with it wonderful grilled fish. The Kookoo’ s Nest resort 10km on a rural road frorm Zamboanguita and from where I am writing.

All is home and travelling on the pedicab to get to downtown really feels like we have not left this city. As my daughter said to me this morning,  it feel more like we have bene traveling for a year or so and we are now back home. We have left friends here. Friends whom we can only see if we come back as they will not be able to come to visit us oversea.

My memories of living here are a bit more fuzzy then the ones of my family. I worked from home while living here and travelled in Southeast Asia and Australia for work. A couple of times to Eastern Africa. In a way I could not establish the links that a project and working with a team allows to establish. Yet, they were four and half yeas of my life and they matter.

Let’s enjoy this week and catch up with the people who lived close with us for all those years.


Kookoo’s Nest, Zamboanguita, 15/10/2014

Venla swimming with Whale Sharks

Venla swims with Whale Sharks between Cebu and Sumilon island

Venla swims with Whale Sharks between Cebu and Sumilon island

Katja went with the girls and her brother Jussi for a snorkelling morning not far from Dumaguete, between Cebu island and Sumilon island (Philippines), where every morning a group of 6-7 Whale Sharks gathers to get food from local fishermen.

One of my pictures on the RAPID programme brochure

I was very happy to see that one of my pictures was selected for the new brochure of the Research and Policy in Development programme at the Overseas Development Institute. You can see the brochure HERE. My picture is on the front and back cover.
ODI’s Research and Development programme (RAPID) works to understand the relationship between research, policy and practice and promoting evidence-informed policy-making. The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) is the UK’s leading independent think tank on international development and humanitarian issues. ODI’s mission  is to inspire and inform policy and practice which lead to the reduction of poverty, the alleviation of suffering and the achievement of sustainable livelihoods in developing countries. We do this by locking together high quality applied research, practical policy advice, and policy-focused dissemination and debate. We work with partners in the public and private sectors, in both developing and developed countries.

Weekly picture for my team – My favourite place on the island of Negros

My favourite place on the island of Negros (Philippines): the Kookoos' Nest

My favourite place on the island of Negros (Philippines): the Kookoos’ Nest

My favourite place on the island of Negros (Philippines): the Kookoos' Nest

My favourite place on the island of Negros (Philippines): the Kookoos’ Nest

Was trying to choose the weekly picture for my team in London. Could not choose between these tow. So for this week I post two photos. A couple of weekends ago I went back together with my family to the Kookoos’ Nest, 10km from Zamboanguita on almost the southern tip of the island of Negros where we live. The Kookoos’ nest is my favourite place in Negros.




Weekly photo for my team in London – Red umbrella

Red umbrella


Last Sunday took my bicycle and went up to to the mountain behind Dumaguete to go and see how have recovered the areas hit by the typhoon Sendong in December 2011. On the way up I saw this lady walking back home from a nearby market with a shopping bag. I liked her shiny red umbrella.

Paper fan on the bus in Bohol

Bohol by Arnaldo Pellini
Bohol, a photo by Arnaldo Pellini on Flickr.
The bus was old. No A/C. Windows all up to have some breeze. The conductor was collecting the fare from the passengers and issu tiny colourful tickets with strange symbols on them. Some passengers paid with  coins,  most paid with notes. The conductor  straightened all notes with quick but careful movements and  folded them in between his fingers in what resembled to a small paper fan.   Photo take on the bus to Tagbilaran City, island of Bohol, Philippines.

Venla’s Valentine Day

It is Valentine Day here in the Philippines. It is a big day for the people in this country. It is afternoon. My daughter Venla is at home from school. Teachers spending time in their families as this is very much a family day. They are probably getting ready to go out to eat tonight. The busiest day of the year for the restaurants in Dumaguete, a restaurant owner told me once. We are in the garden. Sun is setting. Still autumn light in the late afternoon during this time of the year. The dry season is now with us. The monsoon has left us. Light is beautiful one hour before the sun will set.  Happy Valentine, to all.

Every time I go to Silliman beach, it seems different

Silliman beach

Every time I go to Silliman beach It looks a bit different. I went for a late afternoon walk and liked the clouds flying low over the sea and the shape of the island of Siquijor barely visible at the horizon. Groups of student from Silliman university had also gathered at the beach playing guitar and drinking rum.

Swimming training in Dumaguete

2012-11-22 Swimming training 7 - Version 22012-11-22 Swimming training 2 - Version 22012-11-22 Swimming training 8 - Version 22012-11-22 Swimming training 9 - Version 22012-11-22 Swimming training 11 - Version 32012-11-22 Swimming training 12 - Version 2
2012-11-22 Swimming training 17 - Version 22012-11-22 Swimming training 47 - Version 22012-11-22 Swimming training 53 - Version 22012-11-22 Swimming training 35 - Version 22012-11-22 Swimming training 68 - Version 2

Swimming training, a set on Flickr.


Nice evening watching the swimmers of the Dumaguete Blue Dolphin Club training and practicing all the four style. I had my zoom lens but the light was a bit low. Did not want to push the ISO too high or use flash. I like how the pictures turned our. They seem abstract paintings to me.

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