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Summer sunset in Åland

The last stage of our summer trip last July has been a ferryboat ride from Stockholm to Helsinki. We left Sweden at about 4pm and by sunset we arrived at the Åland islands. Not a single cloud. The colours were incredible.

Dedicated to my Zia Antonietta.

Pasar Beringharjo in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The last light of the day in Singapore

Was in Singapore a couple of weeks ago and went to Marina Bay to capture the last light of the day.

Walking in Little India in Singapore on a Sunday evening

Was in Singapore for few days. It was the first time I stopped here and could walk around this city with my camera. On Sunday late afternoon I decided to go an walk around Little India.

Semarang by night

The colours of Hong Kong

The old streets of Batavia

A model in Batavia, the old part of Jakarta

A model in Batavia, the old part of Jakarta

Was walking in the old streets of Batavia, the old part of Jakarta. It is a strange place. A different city with its old Dutch crumbling houses and ware houses. Looked up to the facade of one of those buildings and saw a beautiful model who was doing a photo shoot. For a moment she looked down to the street.

Weekly picture for my team – My favourite place on the island of Negros

My favourite place on the island of Negros (Philippines): the Kookoos' Nest

My favourite place on the island of Negros (Philippines): the Kookoos’ Nest

My favourite place on the island of Negros (Philippines): the Kookoos' Nest

My favourite place on the island of Negros (Philippines): the Kookoos’ Nest

Was trying to choose the weekly picture for my team in London. Could not choose between these tow. So for this week I post two photos. A couple of weekends ago I went back together with my family to the Kookoos’ Nest, 10km from Zamboanguita on almost the southern tip of the island of Negros where we live. The Kookoos’ nest is my favourite place in Negros.




Weekly photo for my team in London – Red umbrella

Red umbrella


Last Sunday took my bicycle and went up to to the mountain behind Dumaguete to go and see how have recovered the areas hit by the typhoon Sendong in December 2011. On the way up I saw this lady walking back home from a nearby market with a shopping bag. I liked her shiny red umbrella.

Paper fan on the bus in Bohol

Bohol by Arnaldo Pellini
Bohol, a photo by Arnaldo Pellini on Flickr.
The bus was old. No A/C. Windows all up to have some breeze. The conductor was collecting the fare from the passengers and issu tiny colourful tickets with strange symbols on them. Some passengers paid with  coins,  most paid with notes. The conductor  straightened all notes with quick but careful movements and  folded them in between his fingers in what resembled to a small paper fan.   Photo take on the bus to Tagbilaran City, island of Bohol, Philippines.

Weekly photo for my team in London – Sand writing in Hong Kong

Sand writing in Kong Kong


Hong Kong. Busy Sunday morning in Kowloon. Thousands of people walking in streets packed with electronics shops selling hundres of different smartphones models, Nikon and Canon cameras, lenses, TV sets, laptops, ipod, ipad, tablets. Iphones can be unlocked at the corner of the street. In all this a lady was writing using white sand on a red plastic blanket laying on the street’s asphalt. People stopped by, used their smartphones and took pictures of the lady who, I thought. was concentrated in something that seemed to belong to the past.

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