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My ‘car’ 32/35 – 35 days 35 photos 35mm

35 days 35 photos 35mm

My ‘car’

This is the ‘car’ I use to commute to the office in Jakarta. It is called bicycle. There are too few of tehse in the streets of this city. Why?

Outside a school 11/35 – 35 days 35 photos 35mm

35photos 35 days 35mm

Outside a school

The end of the school year is approaching fast here in Jakarta. Sometime I cycle through streets that are closed to traffic because of year-end ceremonies . That brings food sellers outside the gate of  schools where kids go and buy a snack.

Bicycle reflection 9/35 – 35 days 35 photos 35mm

35photos 35 days 35mm

Bicycle reflection

It has been raining hard yesterday afternoon. Today on my way to work there were still many puddles in the street. At stop at this one because I like the image of the clouds in the sky.

Hidden statue 8/35 – 35 days 35 photos 35mm

35photos 35 days 35mm

Hidden statue

I cycle pass this tiny piece of green playground in Dharmanwangsa every day (for the past 2 years) and have never seen this hidden statue. Today I saw it with the corner of my eye maybe in a subliminal search for the new photo to post today. I cycled pass, turned back and took my camera to take the photo. It is really amazing to realise how many things we do not see in our daily life. And then when we look for a new angle and  a new perspective for a photo we just start to see more. I am sure I have seen this many times before while cycling by, but this hidden statue never imprinted in my memory. I am glad I saw it today. It reminds me of art from Papua or, vaguely, Easter Island. Something from far away.

On the way to work 3/35 – 35 days 35 photos 35mm


I took this photo on the pedestrian bridge that crosses Jalan Sudirman in south Jakarta this morning. It was a bit earlier than usual. Nice light. Sone people walking to their workplace. I, one of them.

The Balinese door 2/35 – 35 days 35 photos 35mm


The Balinese door

There is a backstreet on the way to the office. It is closed on both entries so that cars cannot go through. It must have been a popular streets with people looking for coffee and restaurants, for there are few abandoned buildings on bpoth side of this back street. This is the dilapidated entrance of a Balinese  rastaurant. I like this entrance. The metal doors. The rusting decorations. The bricks and cement hlding up the doors and that are wearing down, struggling against the tropical weather of Jakarta.









Rear wheel


My Brompton

Rear wheel

There has been an interesting experiment going on in Jakarta this week. The city administration has suspended temporarily the 3-in-1 rule whereby at peak traffic times cars, on some of the more critical roads of the city, have to carry a minimum of three passengers (including the driver). This rule has resulted so called  Jockeys, people who are passengers for hire, waiting on the side of the streets to be picked up as the third person. The 3-in-1 rule has only marginally reduced the traffic congestion. Relaxing the rule has therefore resulted (on average) in a marginal increase in the traffic congestions, although, speaking to friends, it seems that traffic on main arteries has worsened considerably, while  smaller alternative roads seem to be more free of traffic.

In the meantime, it would be great if there were more bicycles in the streets, more commuters cycling to work, more bicycle lanes protecting cyclists, more parking space for bicycles. That would really make a difference.


Front wheel


My Brompton

Front wheel

We need more bicycle lanes in Jakarta. We need ways that protect us from cars and motorbikes. We need more bike2work commuters.

Bike to work in Jakarta

We need more commuters taking their bicycles in Jakarta. The government of Jakarta can help bike-to-work commuters with safer bicycle tracks.

My Brompton

Bike to work on my Brompton

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