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The last light of the day in Singapore

Was in Singapore a couple of weeks ago and went to Marina Bay to capture the last light of the day.

The colours of Hong Kong

Pagodas in Hong Kong

The old streets of Batavia

A model in Batavia, the old part of Jakarta

A model in Batavia, the old part of Jakarta

Was walking in the old streets of Batavia, the old part of Jakarta. It is a strange place. A different city with its old Dutch crumbling houses and ware houses. Looked up to the facade of one of those buildings and saw a beautiful model who was doing a photo shoot. For a moment she looked down to the street.

Rainy skyline

Rainy skyline


They say that there is no longer a real dry season in Jakarta. It rains more or less all the year round. I was for two days in a workshop at the 17th floor of a tower in central Jakarta. During breaks we went out on a nice terrace overlooking skyscrapers and single family houses. Like the old Jakarta battling the modern Jakarta. On both days it rained in the afternoon creating a nice effect on the glass wall of the terrace.


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