Senayan Transjakarta station n.86

Senayan Transjakarta station n.86

Friday, 27.6.2015

That’s it. I am leaving tomorrow to Europe for the summer break. The photos from the Senayan Transjkarata station will stop here (temporarily?). 86 photos from January to June. Six months of crossing this bridge on the way to work and back home. Pushing my Brompton and carrying my camera to capture new angles, different times of the day, a snapshot of the busy life at this busy corner of Jakarta. Some people, like the gentleman in this photo, know me by know. The few times I was not on my bycicle they ask me: ‘Sapeda di mana?” (where is the bycicle). When I was in a hurry and could not stop to take photos, they would ask me: “Today, no photo?”. Will be offline for about a month. I may publish photos from Italy and Finland but the Transjakarta station at Senayan will have to wait. Let’s see if I continue with this project once I get back at the end of July. Few people have followed quite regularly my posts. Thank you for doing so. If you have the energy, scroll down the photos of the Senayan station and let me know in a comment which one connects most with you. See you in a month or so.

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