Reclining Buddha in Ubud

In Ubud, Bali by Arnaldo Pellini
In Ubud, Bali, a photo by Arnaldo Pellini on Flickr.
We stayed at a nice guesthouse in Ubud, in Bali. It was a traditional Balinese house and to get to our room we had to walk  a narrow alley and pass through two small yards shared  by few families. One of them was an elderly couple who lived in a small red brick house. When we came back from our day tours in the afternoon, he was normally sitting under  a small porch on a confortable bamboo armchair. Sometimes reading the newspaper, sometimes listening to a radio, sometimes looking at this beautiful wooden statue of a reclining Buddha. One morning I asked him if I could take pictures of the Buddha and he happily said yes. I liked the fading colours, the frangipani flower on his shoulder which the elderly couple following the Balinese tradition changed every  day. Strangely this Buddha is reclined on his left harm, while traditionally he is portrayed reclined on the right arm. Anyway, peaceful, relaxing.

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