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Branches in b&w


Branches b&w, a set on Flickr.

Was in Cremona (Italy) over new year. Was back in winter after a long time. Since I have been living in Southeast Asia for the last 10 years I felt I was not used to the shapes and lines that barren trees draw on a winter sky. Was nice to be back during winter again.

3 Responses to “Branches in b&w”

  1. Jennifer Wilcox

    I’m the US but it is winter here too. I have been experimenting with new techniques and settings with my Sooty Alabasters (b&w), and just last week was taking shots of the barren trees in my yard. So inspired to see your collection of the same type of setting. Yours are beautiful.


    • Arnaldo Pellini

      Hi Jennifer, thank you very much for your comment and glad that you liked my photos.Let me know when your pictures of branches and winter trees will be online.



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