Werde projects in Cambodia 2007 – Civil Society and Local Governance

Dear all, we are close to the end of the year and the fourth year of work for Werde ry in the province of Kampong Thom (Cambodia). In these years we have been implementing two projects in cooperation with Cambodian NGOs. The Civil Society and Local Governance project is implemented with four NGOs partners and has developed a model to organise the participation of citizens with Commune Councils. This is the final year of the projects and have reached 96 villages and 480 representatives of village groups such as: self-help association, cash association, rice association, etc. These representative have been linked through what we have called Village Networks and have received trainings on the role and functions of Commune Councils, the importance of support provided by civil society and citizen for the work of the Communes, and the involvement in local development planning with the Commune. The overall aim is to strengthen participation and therefor increase Communes (who are elected bodies) accountability and transparency towards their constituency.

We have produced an information leaflet for 2007 that you can download by clicking HERE


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